For businesses aiming to expand and prioritise ongoing scalability, having flexible, customisable systems in place is essential.

Atlassian’s solutions – including Jira, Jira Service Management and Confluence – ensure seamless collaboration for teams of any type and size.

Atlassian’s products offer a versatile toolset for planning, tracking, collaboration, support, coding, and streamlined project delivery.

Area9 Atlassian services

As an Atlassian Gold Solutions Partner with Atlassian certified team members, we provide a complete service, customised to align with the specific needs of your business and teams.

Unlock Atlassian’s Full Potential with Area9’s Managed Services

Optimise Atlassian resource utilisation, avoiding unnecessary spending and ensuring every investment adds value.

Streamline workflows with our comprehensive support for Jira, Jira Service Management, and all Atlassian products, providing real-time operational visibility.

Mitigate business risks associated with inefficiencies, unproductive workflows, and mismanaged Atlassian and integrated tools.

Tailored reviews and check-ins for Atlassian product use, QAs, and insights, at your chosen frequency (quarterly for standard and monthly for premium).

Seamless System Migration for Business Excellence

Elevate your business with our expert migration services, delivering:

Tailor your system for enhanced performance and productivity.

Effortlessly transition from diverse systems into a unified Atlassian environment.

Ensure cost-effectiveness by eliminating redundancy and optimising resource utilisation.

Embrace cloud solutions for improved scalability, accessibility, and responsiveness.

Peace of Mind with Area9’s Atlassian Licensing Management

Navigating Atlassian licensing complexities can be overwhelming, but we streamline the process to save you time and stress with:

Hassle-free management of all Atlassian product licensing, including marketplace applications.

Simplify budgeting with co-termed licenses, aligning them with a single renewal date for optimal resource utilisation.

Stay ahead with our proactive approach, receiving renewal quotes 90 days in advance to prevent overcharges and data loss.

Use your regular procurement channels with the convenience of invoicing in AUD on account.

Navigate the Post Go-Live Phase with Atlassian Hyper-Care

Our Atlassian Post Go-Live Hyper-care service delivers an intensified level of support during crucial phases following major events or launches:

This service ensures stability and efficiency by providing customers with a pre-defined number of hours over a 12-month period.

Businesses can secure dedicated and responsive support, making this service ideal for a seamless transition into the post-go-live phase.

Innovate with Area9’s Expert Atlassian Consulting

Tailoring the Atlassian ecosystem to your business needs, we offer:

Seamlessly align Atlassian with your unique requirements for straightforward integration.

Area9 manages Atlassian technologies, letting businesses prioritise core operations for enhanced collaboration.

Our service spans software adoption, platform expansion, IT tech services, and migration, delivering transformative solutions.

Benefit from agile workflows, seamless collaboration, and transformative solutions with Area9’s expertise.

Real business benefits

Seamless collaboration and information sharing to achieve deliverables
Implement agile workflows to foster adaptability
Comprehensive project visibility and reporting for continuous improvements
Enable dev, IT ops, and business teams to deliver great service at high velocity
How we do it

See how we collaborated with Power and Water Corporation to enhance their Jira Service Management platform to achieve high velocity customer service and real time visibility over their IT assets.

“One standout feature of the implemented solution is the asset database for lifecycle management of IT assets. Area 9’s expertise in configuring and optimizing this database has provided us with a centralized platform to efficiently manage our IT assets throughout their lifecycle. This has not only reduced operational complexities but also resulted in significant cost savings and improved asset utilization.”

Melanie Goetze, Senior Manager, Power and Water Corporation.

You might also be interested in how we managed the migration of Atlassian products to AWS cloud for a large South Australian Government agency, delivering important services to the community.

“The Area9 expert we collaborated with had a wealth of knowledge about Atlassian and was able to get up to speed with our internal AWS environment fast. [They] hit the ground running and overcame the challenges of the migration very quickly.”

IT Stakeholder, South Australia Government Department