Data-driven businesses outperform competitors in customer acquisition by 23 times, maintain profitability 19 times more, and retain customers nearly seven times more.

Internally, leveraging data empowers leaders to make agile, informed decisions, fostering innovation and optimising processes for efficiency and cost reduction. Data driven businesses tend to also have elevated rates of acquisition and retention.

Area9 data warehouse and reporting services

Start your journey or enhance your current position as a data driven business with our Data Warehousing and Reporting service, focused on creating database systems for actionable insights.

From classical on-premise setups to cloud environments like Azure or AWS, we specialise in scoping, building, configuring, and maintaining, ensuring your data works as hard as you do.

Data-Driven Insights

Empower your business with actionable insights, guiding informed decision-making for lasting success. Our reporting and data warehousing solutions transform raw data into strategic advantages.

Centralised Reporting Excellence

Elevate decision-making with streamlined reporting processes. We aggregate data from diverse sources into a centralised hub, providing enhanced accessibility and analysis for informed decision-making across all operations.

Seamless Integrations, Amplified Efficiency

Connect, streamline, and thrive. Our service seamlessly integrates applications and systems, ensuring a smooth flow of data across your technological landscape. Simplify operations and amplify the efficiency of your data management and reporting systems with us. 

Real business benefits

More time to focus on the important, valuable work  
Reduce manual, repetitive work to create happier team members 
Unlock new possibilities for innovation 
How we do it

Learn how we built a data warehouse for St John Ambulance NT to allow better reporting of the data – reducing the reliance on frontline employees to build reports and empowering them to focus on patient care.

“What this allows us to do is reallocate staff to an area where business improvement is required. That could be ensuring the quality of service we’re delivering is at a high standard, managing fatigue better, or getting our crews timely meal breaks and seeing where the gaps are in in these areas.”

Ali Malik – Chief Financial Officer – St John Ambulance NT