We believe innovation happens at the intersection of people, process, and technology.

For over 15 years, we have collaboratively worked with Australian businesses and their teams to create sustainable, transformative solutions that involve people, process, and technology.

Fueling our work is a team of problem solvers with a shared focus on seeing customer happiness when delivering real, early, and ongoing business value.


Integrated business and IT services for better, smarter, faster ways of working

We combine business analysis with Atlassian collaboration tools and real time information to give modern workplaces a competitive edge.

Atlassian solutions to enhance collaboration & productivity for teams

Learn how Power and Water Corporation achieved high velocity with this service

“Leveraging the Atlassian technology stack, Area 9 has empowered us to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.”

Melanie Goetze, Senior Manager, Power and Water Corporation.

Business streamlining to optimise processes & do more with less

See how business streamlining helped Think Water grow

“Area9 have enabled me to talk with confidence to my team about the change, because it is quite a major transition.”

Adam Stockwell, Think Water Darwin Managing Director

Data warehouse & reporting for improved decision making, growth and success

Discover how St John’s NT used data-driven decisions for everyone’s wellbeing

“What this allows us to do is reallocate staff to an area where business improvement is required.”

Ali Malik, Chief Financial Officer, St John Ambulance NT

Our partners & certification

We work with the world’s best providers to deliver solutions for happy customers

Get to know us better!

We invite you to find out more about our team’s why, how, and what.

Solving problems of every kind

Our team are proud to have created valuable solutions for health, education, utilities, government, retail and other diverse sectors.

Knowledge shared = knowledge ²

We often come across creative solutions for digital, workflow, business challenges that we think others can also utilise.

Support local

We think success is best shared with our local community schools, animal welfare providers and sporting clubs.